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Our co-vice president Randy White has been in the crane work industry since 1997. He is NCCCO certified and has a wide range of experience in the field. 


When lifting objects with the crane, there are many factors to be considered. Not only the weight and size of the object, but how far it needs to be moved as well. Once you give this information to us, our operator will decide if he can complete the job, and if so, which crane he will need to use. 


Our operator runs two cranes. The Terex, and the Manitex. 

The Terex can hold up to approximately 40 tons, and its main boom length is 94 feet. 

The Manitex can hold up to approximately 38 tons, and has a main boom length of 100 feet. 

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Crane work is a crucial part of many construction projects. When choosing an operator for this essential service, you can count on us to prioritize safety and efficiency on the jobsite. 

Our operator Randy has many raving reviews from local and out of town customers, see a few below. 

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Reviews coming soon 
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